Our Story

Haus of Zsa Zsa Canine Couture's purpose is to help pets look fierce while overcoming their own fears. Inspired by a Chinese Crested rescue named RuPaul who suffered from chronic skin issues and fear aggression towards human touch, our brand aims to help fellow dog owners find unique products and services that are as transformative and instrumental as they were for us.


To help Ru go from stray to the runway, we used a three prong approach:

  • Commitment to whole body health from skin to within
  • Innovative positive reinforcement based training blending classical conditioning, counter conditioning and desensitization to heal the mind and open the heart
  • Paying it forward by utilizing Ru’s second chance at happiness as guiding light to motivate us to give back through the work we do.

It is our hope that, like Ru, we can be a part of your journey with your own dog and together make a positive impact for dogs, the humans who love them and the world around us.